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My philosophy

Yoga is more than just doing physical exercises on the mat. It's a real life philosophy  that enables us to become more aware of our inner state and find balance.


The aim is to achieve a sense of alignment between body and mind. All this to leave room for the present moment and greater self-awareness.

My mission is to offer you a caring and safe environment, in which I welcome you as you are, to help you become more aware of yourself, both physically and emotionally. All this to help you find your own balance. 


I mainly offer Hatha yoga and Yin yoga classes. All this is combined with my toolbox of knowledge in speech therapy and other alternative practices (Kinesiology and cranio-sacral).

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Yin yoga

A practice based on Chinese medicine aimed at working on the different organs of our body.


It's a gentle practice, using blocks and bolsters to support us, so that we can stay longer in each posture and benefit from their positive effects on our bodies.

Hatha yoga

A more dynamic practice in which you'll find a mix of meditation, posture sequences and relaxation.

The aim of hatha yoga is to bring balance between the interaction of body, mind and breath.

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