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Ready to spread your wings?

I guide you towards your inner awareness.

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Individual class
At your home


3 sessions


Treat yourself to three personalized yoga classes at home, focused on you and adapted to your own pace.

Why 3 sessions ? : Together, we'll take the time to identify your needs and understand where you are right now to build yoga classes focused on you. The first session lasts 1h30. It will consist of a discussion to identify your needs and expectations, and to share what you're going through at the moment. Then we'll start the yoga class. The next two sessions will each last one hour and will be designed to continue the follow-up of the first session and adapt the class if necessary. 

With Friends
Where you wish



18€/pers (5 pers min)

Would you like to get together with friends for a moment of sharing and well-being, and get moving at the same time? I offer a class adapted to your group and your needs. I start the class by taking time to understand the group's level, expectations and any special needs. Then we start the yoga class that lasts for an hour.

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With colleagues
At your office 


On request

On request

Would you like to create a unique moment with your colleagues? Bring a friendly atmosphere to your workplace to help you unwind from the stress of work? We can organise yoga classes at your workplace in Brussels 

Your Event


On request

On request

Would you like to offer a yoga class for your event? Share a moment of calmness, well-being and enjoy a unique experience? I travel for team buildings, bachelorette parties, festivals or any type of events.

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Find me
At Yogalife Studio Brussels


Every Sunday

I teach Hatha yoga every Sunday at 6.30pm at Yogalife Studio Brussels.

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