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Camille van Havre Libelula Yoga Philippine Ruzette Photography

Camille van Havre
Yoga Instructor

Camille van Havre Libelula Yoga Philippine Ruzette Photography

My self-questioning and my passion for self-understanding led me to start studying speech therapy in 2016 at Institut Libre de Marie Haps. I learned to set up a therapeutic environment, to understand more and more the importance of communication with others and to observe the world around me. After a difficult time, yoga came knocking at my door and I started a 200-hour training course with Yogalife in 2018, during my speech therapy studies.

The yoga philosophy brings to light for me the importance of the mind-body connection. I understand that our bodies reflect our thoughts and emotions and that they play an important role in our communication with others. After finishing my yoga training in 2019, I started giving classes around me, at friends' homes, in flat-shares and elsewhere. I continued to improve, to learn and to enjoy teaching. In 2021, I finished my studies in speech therapy. After my graduation, I decided to make one of my dreams come true: to backpack alone through Latin America.

Camille van Havre Yoga Voyage Paysage

I travelled through Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico in about 7 months. I had the chance to discover other cultures, other ways of living, other philosophies, to meet people from different countries, and above all, to deepen my connection with my emotions, my light and dark sides, my values and my place in this world. This journey helped me understand how important it is for me to be able to share my experiences and support others using the tools of yoga and speech therapy.

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